A Word Regarding Luxury

Intensive and private residential treatment care programs like Dimiourgia are indeed very expensive programs. You will see many of these luxurious programs to advertise incredible villas, high luxury services and facilities, and amenities for the super rich, along with their high prices.

These are of course luxuries that we can also provide to all our patients. And if you are looking at such programmes you probably come from a relatively wealthy background.

But just consider what is it really that you wish to buy? Do you want more luxuries and riches in your life or do you want to recover and regain your lost health?

What is it that you wish to buy for your child? Do you want to pay the highest amount possible in order to exonerate yourself or do you wish to engage with their treatment and get them the best possible care for all your family?

Do you have anything more precious than your health or the health of your loved ones? Deep down what we all really need and want is the best available care for our health.

And we believe that this is what we have been working to offer to all our guests. Yes, we have villas, we have private drivers, great cooks or even private security, and whatever else you may afford to buy BUT most importantly we have an incredible specialist team, and very effective daily therapies that help our patients to recover in the best possible and most caring and humane way possible.

For us Dimiourgia is the ultimate care that we would all like to have for ourselves and loved ones. This is how our founder, Dr Yanni Malliaris, dreamed and wished to provide care for his bipolar father, and this is how we are doing this now for all our patients.