There are many types of treatments for different mental health problems. The “traditional” type of therapy works on a weekly or monthly basis with 1 hour sessions, yet for many problems these types of traditional therapies are rarely effective.

In Dimiourgia from very early on we focused on these special and highly effective daily intensive therapies. These types of therapy work very effectively in combination with our creative and leisurely activities in our friendly home like environments. Our creative activities also work in tandem with the individual treatment plan of each one of our Dimiourgous.

For example we deliver all the Daily ΒΤ, CBT and DBT protocols that exist for many different problems (mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addiction disorders, personality disorders etc), we have Daily non drug treatments such as bright light therapy and r-tms, and when necessary we work with very targeted medication protocols that work well with our targeted psychotherapies or other biological treatments.

The treatment literature of such daily treatments is indeed very fascinating, and the treatments that have emerged appear highly effective.

Of course, what you will do and how you will continue following your Dimiourgia treatment is also very important. We work to continue your care in your real home environment. This the place where you want, and need to function eventually, so this second phase of Dimiourgia guarantees that you will maintain all your treatment benefits and that you will not relapse again.

We love all our “Dimiourgous” (Creators) but we really prefer to see them doing well in their real home environments with eventually as little support as possible. Of course before you get exposed to your real home environment you may need to make changes, always with our help. But were are here to help you make these changes.

Our goal is to help one “Dimiourgo” (Creator) at a time, and to help you remain well all the time. 

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