1. Dimiourgia’s therapeutic Experiences have been developed in order to offer daily participation to patients with mental health difficulties. The Experiences have been designed according to the principles of behaviour therapy and BeFriending. They are rewarding, activating, and always offered within a secure environment and a good therapeutic relationship with the facilitators involved.
  2. The participation is open to all patients (irrespective of their diagnosis) provided they are not in a very severe crisis, and always within the boundaries of their personal therapy
  3. Before participating every patient has to be evaluated in order to assess his clinical and social needs. This evaluation ensures that each activity will be suitable and beneficial.
  4. Participation always takes place on an individual basis and within each person’s therapy programme. If desired by the participant we can design group experiences.
  5. The cost of participation is based on the time devoted to each patient, and the specialists required to assist with the activities and therapy.
  6. A patient may participate in any number of Experiences he prefers provided this is deemed appropriate by our clinical team. For patients who participate in the full day programme we provide lunch and transportation.


The following is a never ending list of therapeutic experiences that our participants have chosen to engage in order to enhance their lives. We have many facilitators who have expertise in the following Experiences. Whenever a new Experience is desired we always try to facilitate its development and aim to find the best available facilitator for it. A Psychologist is always together with the patient during each Experience providing the necessary support when and as needed.